BunionPro Bunion Correction Splint
BunionPro Bunion Correction SplintBunionPro Bunion Correction SplintBunionPro Bunion Correction Splint
BunionPro Bunion Correction SplintBunionPro Bunion Correction SplintBunionPro Bunion Correction Splint

BunionPro Bunion Correction Splint

  • Bunion correction splint to be used while sleeping 
  • Lightweight, unobtrusive and sturdily designed 
  • Velour padding on inside gives cushioned support
  • Available in three sizes and features adjustable design 

Brand:  Orthotix
Product Colour  Grey

BunionPro Bunion Correction Splint

Relieve bunion pain and keep your big toe correctly aligned while you sleep with the BunionPro Bunion Correction Splint. Featuring a strong thermoplastic exterior and a cushioned, velour interior, it keeps you both protected and as comfortable as possible. Anatomically designed to give you the most secure fit, the BunionPro gives you contoured support. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Bunion Correction Splint

Key Features and Benefits of BunionPro

  • Lightweight and discreet design
  • Thermoplastic shell is sturdy and resistant to wear
  • Velour padding on inside for added comfort 
  • Maintains correct alignment of big toe
  • Relieves big toe pain
  • Can delay or even prevent surgery (please consult podiatrist)
  • CE marked medical device developed by expert podiatrists
  • Designed to be worn overnight while sleeping

What Does The BunionPro Splint Do?

The BunionPro Splint holds the big toe in line to maintain its correct alignment. This helps to stop further irregular growth and over time can help reverse unhealthy big toe development. Overall this relieves and reduces bunion pain.

What Size Should I Go For?

There are three different sizes available that should fit most users. Please consult the table below to find your ideal size:

Size  UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Small Size 2 - 3.5 Size 34 - 36
Medium Size 4 - 6.5 Size 37 - 40
Large Size 7 - 11.5 Size 41 - 46

Left Or Right Options Available

All three of the above sizes are available for the left or right foot. Whichever side your bunion is on, we have you covered. 

Sturdy Outside With A Padded Inside 

The BunionPro gives you the best of both worlds with a protective, durable thermoplastic outside and a velour, padded inside to give you all-night comfort. 

Lightweight And Unobtrusive 

The thermoplastic shell is super lightweight despite being so strong. It also does not protrude too much away from the foot in order to interrupt your usual sleeping pattern as little as possible. 

Anatomical Shape

The inner padding of the BunionPro moulds to the contours of your foot to give you the most support and comfort, giving you the best fit. The toe pad is curved to give you the extra room necessary to accomadate a bunion without causing pain. 

Adjustable Straps

As well as being available in three sizes, this bunion correction splint features two adjustable straps to give you as tight or as loose a fit as you would like. 

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