Daumfix Thumb Splint

Daumfix Thumb Splint

  • Maintains thumb in full extension following sprain or surgery
  • Non-restrictive for fingers and wrist movement
  • Useful for supporting basilar joint disease
  • For acute or long-term stabilisation

Brand:  Daumfix
Product Colour  White

Daumfix Thumb Splint

The Daumfix Thumb Splint is an anatomical splint designed to maintain the thumb in full extension. It is suitable for use following sprains or injury, and supports the thumb without restricting the movement of the wrist and fingers.

Indications of the Thumb Splint

The Thumb Splint can be worn following a sprain or similar injury to the thumb. It maintains the thumb in full extension while the joints heal. It will also be beneficial for anybody who has undergone surgery, protecting the thumb from any impact during the post-operative period.

The Thumb Splint can be used for acute or long-term stabilisation. It is also suitable for anybody suffering from basilar joint disease, providing relief from pain caused by conditions such as basal joint arthritis where the cartilage at the base joint of the thumb is wearing away.

Benefits of the Thumb Splint

The Daumfix Thumb Support is ideal for conditions that only affect the thumb, as it does not restrict the movement of the fingers and wrist. This means that routine and daily activities can still be carried out without compromising the support provided by the splint.

The anatomical design and thermoplastic material of this splint provide optimal immobilisation to limit the movements of the thumb during healing. The hook-and-loop fastening ensures that it can be reliably secured to the wrist, and the addition of an internal sock to provide maximum comfort for the wearer.

Sizing of the Thumb Splint

The Daumfix Thumb Splint is available for both the right and the left hand, and comes in a choice of four sizes. To determine the size required, measure the circumference of the wrist. Your chosen size can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Size Measurements (cm)
Small Up to 17cm
Medium 17 - 19cm
Large 19 - 23cm
Extra Large 23cm and above

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